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Abbreviation: Crt
Genitive: Crateris
Right Ascension: 11.43 hours
Declination: -12.00 degrees
  Crater, the Cup, to the Greeks was the globlet of Apollo. Cicero called it Cratera, and Manilius decscribed it as gratus Iaccho Crater, a poetic name for Bacchus. It may be found in ancient manuscripts as Creter. The Greeks also called it the Cinerary Urn, a water bucket.

Caesius wrote that Crater represented the Cup of Joseph found in Benjamin's sack, or the Cup of Christ's passion, an old constellation which combined the stars of Crater with Corvus formed the Ark of the Convenant.

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Best Known Stars

(Yale Bright Star Catalog)
Common Name
or Bayer Number 1
RA DEC Magnitude 2
DEL CRT 11.00:19.00:20.45 -14.00:46.00:42.83 3.56
ALKES 10.00:59.00:46.47 -18.00:17.00:55.65 4.08
GAM CRT 11.00:24.00:52.92 -17.00:41.00:2.47 4.08
BET CRT 11.00:11.00:39.49 -22.00:49.00:33.10 4.48
THE CRT 11.00:36.00:40.91 -9.00:48.00:8.16 4.70
ZET CRT 11.00:44.00:45.78 -18.00:21.00:2.73 4.73
ETA CRT 11.00:56.00:0.94 -17.00:9.00:3.02 5.18

Deep Sky Objects

(PAS Catalog)

Other Deep Sky Objects

(Saguaro Astronomy Club Catalog)
  Only Objects less than 10.0 Mag.
Object R.A. Dec. Object Type 3 Mag. Uranometria Tirion

Variable Stars

(General Catalog of Variable Stars)
  Only Objects <= 8.0 magnitude
(hh mm
(deg mm ss)
Variable Type 4 Mag. Min Mag. Max
RX Crt 11.00:15.00:18.50 -21.00:52.00:19.00 SRB 7.70 7.30
SV Crt 11.00:14.00:26.00 -6.00:51.00:43.00 ACV 6.35 6.32
SY Crt 11.00:13.00:8.90 -12.00:19.00:11.00 LB: 6.62 6.34

Double Stars

(Saguaro Astronomy Club Catalog)
  Only Objects <= 8.0 magnitude
Name R.A.
(hh mm.m)
(deg mm)
Mag 5 Sep 6 PA 7 Tirion Uranometria