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Abbreviation: Crv
Genitive: Corvi
Right Ascension: 12.46 hours
Declination: -13.33 degrees
  Corvus, the Crow, is visible in the Northern Hemisphere from January until May If you live in the lower latitudes.

Corvus, the Crow is a sacred bird of Phoebus Apollo in connection with giving prophetic functions. His wings were originally silver but were turned to black when he delivered bad news concerning the unfaithfulness of Cornis to Apollo.

Another story is where the bird is sent for a cup of water and returned to Apollo late, a water-snake in its grasp and a lie in its mouth. As punishment Apollo banished the bird to the stars just out of reach of a cup of water, which is guarded by Hydra.

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Best Known Stars

(Yale Bright Star Catalog)
Common Name
or Bayer Number 1
RA DEC Magnitude 2
GIENAH 12.00:15.00:48.36 -17.00:32.00:30.97 2.59
BET CRV 12.00:34.00:23.23 -23.00:23.00:48.31 2.65
ALGORAB 12.00:29.00:51.85 -16.00:30.00:55.57 2.95
EPS CRV 12.00:10.00:7.48 -22.00:37.00:11.15 3.00

Deep Sky Objects

(PAS Catalog)

Other Deep Sky Objects

(Saguaro Astronomy Club Catalog)
  Only Objects less than 10.0 Mag.
Object R.A. Dec. Object Type 3 Mag. Uranometria Tirion

Variable Stars

(General Catalog of Variable Stars)
  Only Objects <= 8.0 magnitude
(hh mm
(deg mm ss)
Variable Type 4 Mag. Min Mag. Max
SV Crv 12.00:47.00:9.60 -14.00:48.00:23.00 SRB 7.60 6.78
TT Crv 12.00:20.00:43.90 -11.00:32.00:6.00 SR 6.57 6.47
TU Crv 12.00:33.00:21.10 -20.00:15.00:5.00 DSCTC 0.02 6.53

Double Stars

(Saguaro Astronomy Club Catalog)
  Only Objects <= 8.0 magnitude
Name R.A.
(hh mm.m)
(deg mm)
Mag 5 Sep 6 PA 7 Tirion Uranometria
STF 1669 12 41.3 -13 00 6.0, 6.1 5.40 311 13/ 14 284